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Packing and filling lines

Each product, of any type, would require packaging before delivery to the final user.

For this purpose, together with our partners, we can supply complete lines for packaging of powder products (from 1-gram bags to big bags), apiece material (hardware, bags, plastic glasses ...) and filling all types of liquids into bottles (household chemicals, drinks ...).
In any case, we can offer the appropriate solution and superior equipment that puts the product in desired packaging, with required quality and precision.

Latest reference projects:
Together with our partner Imanpack s.p.A. we have supplied regional manufacturer of hardware products with counting and vertical packaging machine for screws and washers
A large regional manufacturer of detergents and home chemistry was by our partner Amsy kft. supplied with two filling lines for liquid products, with a total capacity of 6,500 bottles/h.

Our partners:

Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A.
solutions for packaging food, hardware and hygienic products in individual and unit packaging, palletizing and automation
AMSY International Kft.
dosing, filling and packing of powder and liquid products
Effytec Packaging S.A.
Leading producer of horizontal pouch machinery - packaging of all types of products in sachets and pouches
Volkmann GmbH
systems and solutions for the vacuum transport of powder and granular materials
Hethon / GME Engineering
dosing, big-bag filling and emptying equipment, vacuum and mechanical conveying systems
Transitec Anlagebau GmbH
Flexible spiral conveyors, special systems for non-flowable materials
YTS Pump Engineering
Double diaphragm pumps
Nakakin Co., Ltd.
Rotary piston pumps - gentle and high-performance conveyance at low rotation speed for liquids of all viscosities

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